Austin Next

Work is changing, whether that is how we work (remote, hybrid, in-person), the tools we use, or how we govern these organizations. One of the superpowers of Austin is that "We are living in the future" and in this case, it means the future of work is being developed, tested, and deployed here first. To understand how Austin is the source of these trends and tools, we interview Razat Gaurav, CEO of Austin-based Planview. We talk about their place in the region, how they are creating these new platforms, and the future of Austin. How we work is...What's next Austin?

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What is Austin Next?

Austin's transformation into a global innovation powerhouse is at the heart of Austin Next. We explore insights into the region's evolution and the building of robust ecosystems. Additionally, we delve into the potential impact of emerging trends, technologies, and their convergence.
Austin, as our real-world case study, helps us aspire to better comprehend the true nature of innovation.