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Meg and Matthew talk about life in CMH, being a new dad, and why it's so important that you drink your own orange juice while serving your water to everyone else.

Show Notes

About Today's Show:
I had an awesome time sitting down to talk with Matthew Braman, LCSW about his personal journey through burnout and how it has helped shape his work in mental health. In this episode, we talk about balancing the intense work of being a therapist in a community mental health center with the needs & desires of life outside of the office. Matthew talks about how he realized he was burnout—feeling disconnected, depleted, and inattentive to the people in his life. We talked about Matthew's journey of navigating new parenthood, and how he works with men & new dads to help them navigate the tidal waves of parenthood through the ages & stages. Matthew also shared some sage advice & bits of wisdom passed on from supporters in his journey, including the idea that you gotta drink your own orange juice, and serve your water to everyone else. Check it out, y'all—you won't want to miss this one!

About Today's Guest:
Matthew Braman, LCSW is the Founder & CEO of Verve Psychotherapy. He's a therapist, anti-racist, feminist, registered voter, husband, & all-pro dad to a new baby boy. He specializes in men's issues, masculinity, new dads, and paternal mental health, and also works in the areas of grief & loss, anxiety & depression, perfectionism, trauma, attachment in couples, marriage, & committed relationships. He founded Verve Psychotherapy in 2021 and is licensed to work with folx in New York and Georgia.

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