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This week's guest, we have the European American Chamber of Commerce. Joining us from the EACC, we have President Alan Sutin and Executive Director Christina Sleszynska. Today Alan and Christina will tell us how the chamber started, its networking capabilities, and about the services they provide. The EACC is all about helping you make transatlantic connections that will help you grow. The European American Chamber of Commerce is a thought leader on transatlantic issues and will provide you with education to give you an edge.

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European American Chamber of Commerce

What is Miami Global Net?

Let's talk about local International Relations. We will showcase Miami's International diplomatic and business landscape, and get to know the innovative startups calling Miami home. Meet the people behind the organizations that contribute to Miami's commercial and cultural international growth. I am Alejandro Servalli, and I am the former Senior Advisor of International Relations to the City Manager of the City of Miami.