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Show Notes

Content Plus Commerce Episode 8 

Host: Blake Puryear 
Guest: Brandon Kirkland 

On this episode Blake is joined by Brandon Kirkland of Epic Shops
[00:00:57] - Background of Epic Shops
[00:03:02] - “Go to” tools to use when building out a site
 [00:05:50] - Custom maintained plugins , the importance of CRO, the history of epicShops, building custom plugins & software for your ecommerce platform
[00:08:52] - The importance of all web devs to understand CRO
[00:12:01] - Best “Our agency got to be the Hero” story
[00:14:29] - Coming trends that may surprise.
[00:14:49] - Automating and segmenting, creating custom shopping experiences 

Quotes from the Episode:
“How can I get the majority of the benefit for the minimum of the features.” [00:07:32] 

“I can make your site beautiful but I’d rather make you rich.....remember it’s the customer that we have to think about.” [00:10:45] 

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