The H Word

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Dan & Becky feel relief and Becky speaks with Los Angeles-based comedian/activist, Mirage Thrams, about activism, trauma and forward motion. Covered: the American presidency, hot November, the world, Providence, street names, GPS, joylessness, Stacey Abrams, Georgia, John G Cole, astrology, Leos, racism, police murders, accents, how not to give a fuck, Mr. Rogers, being special, miracles, activism, comedy, the American legal system, cancer, divorce, being best, justice, Second City, speaking out, fatigue, emigration, separation of immigrant children, forced sterilization, perseverance, Hughie Stone Fish, the global self, static identity, relief grief & more.

What is The H Word ?

Toronto-based actor/writer/comedian/sadsacks, Becky Johnson and Dan Beirne, chat with thoughtful and interesting guests to unpack the notion of HOPE for a new, bleak decade. and @thehwordpod on social media.