The Radical Hospitality Project

Episode 016: Esther Windt

They're Telling Me 

Esther Windt is a trans writer who loves writing poems, short stories, and creative nonfiction, and is currently attending Saint Ambrose University. She has her work published in the Half and One magazine, as well as The Atlas 17 and 18, and Quercus Volume 32. 

What is The Radical Hospitality Project?

The Radical Hospitality Project

The Radical Hospitality Project is the product of a partnership between the Midwest Writing Center and The Galvin Fine Arts Center at St Ambrose University.

Our project includes an upcoming print publication, a spoken word contest and this podcast all centered around the St. Ambrose College of Arts & Sciences 23-24 annual theme “Radical Hospitality.”

We hope that our project helps to expand empathy and advocates for a less cruel world.