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Ella Gregg is the founder of the artist management & development platform 321 Artists. She started managing artists when she was only 18 and also coaches and mentors both artists and aspiring artist managers.

Show Notes

If there's more than one person in the project you need to have a conversation from the get-go about how serious you're willing to take it – Ella Gregg

This week’s guest is Ella Gregg from 321 Artists. Since starting her career in management at the tender age of 18 she has achieved success with her artists featuring in NME, on Radio 1 and touring nationally.

In 2017 she set up 321 Artists - a management and development company based in Hertfordshire - with the aim "to develop both emerging artists and artist managers whilst inspiring the next generation to explore roles within the music industry".

So, I really hope you enjoy this episode with Ella Gregg.

Show notes

321 Artists
Ella on Twitter
Book: The Art of Shouting Quietly by Pete Mosley
Honeybees - Same Old Dreams (written, recorded, filmed during lockdown)
S1mba - Rover (BBC News / Spotify)
Split The Dealer - Easter egg video on TikTok / Spotify
321 Artists Guide To Gigging - Free Download


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What is Indie Music Marketing?

This podcast is a resource for independent self-releasing artists. A place to hear from music marketers, industry professionals, successful artists, independent music champions and thinkers about how to focus on marketing activity that actually moves the needle and advances an artist career. It's so easy to be busy as an independent musician. It's much more difficult to be productive, busying yourself only with the right things at the right time.