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Show Notes

Content Plus Commerce 

Host: Blake Puryear Guest: Will Perry 

On this episode Blake is joined by Will Perry of Reason Agency
[00:01:05] - Background of Reason Agency
[00:02:40] - Go to tools, software
[00:04:01] - What is your Hero story 
[00:07:45] - How Reason Agency uses their eCommerce growth formula to increase traffic, decrease cost per acquisition and drive revenue for brands 
[00:13:28] - Blunders brands make on their product pages 
[00:22:05] - common pitfalls brands make 
[00:26:29] - Transitioning into traffic that you own vs traffic you depend on 
[00:33:07] - What is coming umping the paid or digital social area that might catch people by surprise 

Quotes from the Episode: 

“When you’re scaling and increasing ad spend that quickly in that short amount of time, it’s really changed the way that we approach tracking and how we’re looking for ways to improve tracking.” [00:04:56] 

“If the message is bad, the marketing will fail.” [00:07:52] 

“At the end of the day the goal and the responsibility of Facebook or Google or YouTube is to drive traffic, it’s to highlight and promote that sales message and that offer. The goal of the website is to convert that traffic into a conversion or a paying customer.” [00:14:16] 

“It’s about being able to optimize or refine or improve at the appropriate stage of the funnel.” [00:18:37] 

“He who spends the most to acquire a customer always wins.” [00:26:09] 


The Reason Agency -
Klaviyo -
Shopify -
ClickFunnels -
One click upsell, Zipify pages -
Google Docs -

The 16 Word Sales Letter - million-dollar-possible/dp/1088742785/ref=sr_1_1? keywords=The+16+Word+Sales+Letter&qid=1576934211&sr=8-1 

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