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It's a Halloween double feature of film reviews! We discuss cult classic The Warriors (1979) and horror comedy Murder Party (2007).

Show Notes

Happy Halloween! We’re slapping on our last minute cardboard costumes and baseball uniforms because we’ve got a party to attend. Before we do, though, we’ve got to make our way through multiple hostile neighborhoods. It’s going to be one heck of a crazy knight!

This can mean only one thing. It’s another Halloween episode! This time we go light on the horror but heavy on the camp. We kick this funky double feature off with Murder Party, an underrated 2007 horror comedy written and directed by Jeremy Saulnier. This is Saulnier’s first feature film and he has since directed Blue Ruin, Green Room, and Hold the Dark.

After the party we then trek through a weird 70’s New York with The Warriors, directed by Walter Hill. Can you dig it!? Two movie nerds isn’t quite a gang, though, so we called in backup. Grawlix Podcast’s own Jesse Kiefer joined us to take on both of these films and yes, we were all dressed in coordinating gang costumes. Would love to hear what you think our gang’s theme would be and if it’s more or less cool than the Baseball Furies!

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