Then Comes What?

Then Comes What considers the issue of singleness.

Show Notes

How should the church love single people? How should single people love the church? What sins attend singleness? What virtues and opportunities? How should we think about singleness in general? Then Comes What tackles the issues that everybody's talking about! Listen today.

Support us here and listen to a cut-for-time clip on singleness and homosexuality!

Oh and here's that Peggy Noonan article that Tim mentioned!

What is Then Comes What??

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes…what? "Then Comes What ?" is a monthly show where Pastor Tim Bayly, Pastor Jake Mentzel, and Nathan Alberson of Warhorn Media open up everything you wanted to know (and some things you didn’t) about love, sex, marriage, children, manhood, womanhood, and more.