The Tournament Podcast

It's a sports night somewhere! Y'all really outdid yourselves on this one...

Show Notes

The diamond v. the rink, eh?

Well, you certainly gave us results! Whether or not we think they're right is up to whatever we said in the episode. Tangents include but aren't limited to: The Kids in the Hall, Pittsburgh, and Documentary Now!

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Creators & Guests

Nia D'Emilio
Host, Producer, and Editor of The Tournament Podcast. Musician, otherwise. Big Beach Boys fan all the time.
Trent Dozier
Host and Producer of The Tournament Podcast. Improviser/general comedian otherwise. Big fan of MTV's The Challenge all the time.

What is The Tournament Podcast?

The Tournament Podcast forces some of pop culture's touchstones into one of the world's favorite past times: a tournament to determine what's best! New episodes every Monday and Friday. Hosted by Nia D'Emilio and Trent Dozier.

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