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Our lead interviewer becomes the interviewee! Kieran Quinn sits in the Lamplight hot seat this week as Rory and Luke grill him on his sporting journey, his musical evolution and what motivates him. Hear about how he discovered his passion for piano after initially giving it up some years earlier and about how he found camaraderie and a sense of community in sport and how this might have influenced his current musical endeavors. The episode also features three pieces of original music by Kieran.

Show Notes

The proverbial tables are turned on this week's episode of In The Lamplight as Kieran becomes the interviewee. Rory and Luke ask him all the tough questions, questions like "Why did your football friends call you five-ninety?" and "How do you feel about your brother beating you every year in the Warrior's Run?", a statement that Kieran assures us isn't true.

The episode opens with a longer intro, a full-fledged piece of music newly written by Kieran and based off our theme music. Rory and Luke present Kieran with their best attempt at poetry before diving into the questions.

Rory takes the reigns to ask Kieran about sport. Kieran discusses finding his passion for sport, what it meant to him to be involved in various teams over the years and how it brought him a sense of community and belonging.

We listen to the original studio recording of Kieran's composition "The Match", a tune co-written with Steve Wickham, also featuring Junior Davey on the Bodhrán. Kieran wrote the tune after being challenged to write a piece that combined his love of music with his passion for sport.

Luke takes over to ask Kieran about all things music. From the lightbulb moment that ignited his desire to play the piano again to his methods as a music teacher, Kieran offers up insights into his thoughts on music in general and its place in his life. He talks about his realisation that he didn't want to do anything else with his life and that music was his calling and how he forged a career as a professional musician.

Kieran performs an original piece called "Something Beautiful" alongside Niamh Crowley on the violin. The piece, along with many more from various well-known Sligo artists and performers, will be featured in an upcoming two-part show called "Not A Theme Night", details of which are available on the Hawk's Well Theatre's website.

Wrapping up, Rory asks Kieran how he found his way back to Sligo after a well-travelled youth. They discuss Kieran's Teenage Theme Nights and the importance of presenting young people with the opportunity to grow and develop through music.

Eoin Troy features on this week's "In The Rantlight" segment with his breakdown of an epidemic that's been plaguing the music industry for some years now...the dreaded Curly Vowels.

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