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Diego is a seasoned product marketer who has taken UiPath from an early stage startup, through IPO, to now a nearly $36 billion automation company. In this episode, we’ll hear about his journey guiding his team of 20 PMMs through each stage leading up to (and following) the IPO, from scaling processes to evolving the business narrative to match each growth stage. You won’t want to miss this season finale!

Show Notes

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Questions covered in this episode:
  1. Can you tell us about yourself and your role at UiPath?
  2. UI Path recently went public. Can you share a bit about what that was like?
  3. As the leader of product marketing, what did you need to think about and do during the IPO journey?
  4. How long before the S1 filing did you and the team start preparing? Tell us about the narrative you created.
  5. What drove you and the UiPath team to create this narrative? And how did you go about it?
  6. How have you measured the success of the new narrative? What have been some of the outcomes you've seen?
  7. How has product marketing evolved from pre-IPO through today?
  8. What's one or two books you've read recently that have had an impact on you?

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