Finneran's Wake

"War is simply a continuation of political intercourse, with the addition of other means". Those last two words, "other means", have always left me feeling somewhat uneasy. Is it not, after all, a kind of euphemism, a gentle phrase more agreeable to sensitive ears, behind which all the horrors of war--all the carnage, bloodshed, conquest, death, and loss--are too neatly concealed? Perhaps. But we mustn't forget, war is nothing more than a instrument of policy. An especially lethal one, it may well be, but it's an instrument nonetheless.

What is Finneran's Wake?

News, politics, history, poetry, philosophy, literature, life: A little university in the palm of your hand, an eloquent voice between your ears! Intended neither to inflame, nor to polarize, but to pursue truth. What end could be greater? Sapere Aude, my friends! Dare to think. Dare to seek. Dare to know.