You're Wrong

Also wrong: everyone else who thought this was a good movie.

Show Notes

You're Wrong tackles a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie for the first time ever (surprising, I know)! Still Spencer-less, Chris, Luciano and Matt decided to tackle Thor: Love and Thunder, and when these nerds decide to talk about a movie a while after they've seen it, you know something about it ain't right.

In this case, it's several somethings... starting with going in with (understandably) high expectations for a Thor movie helmed by the man responsible for Thor: Ragnarok and ending in whatever the fuck that scene with the Guardians of the Galaxy was. I really hope Disney learned from this that coming up to Taika Waititi with scraps of ideas and storyboards jotted down on the back of bar napkins and saying "just go crazy for the rest! You do you, bud!" isn't a really the recipe for a good movie, at least.

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What is You're Wrong?

You're Wrong is on permanent hiatus, but Chris, Luciano, Matt and Spencer aren't! They have a new podcast, dedicated (almost) exclusively to movies, called Popcorn & Plot Holes. Come listen to their ramblings at or anywhere you get your podcasts from!