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Activate Your Multidimensional Self with Catherine Tetreault-Ayotte

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Activate Your Multidimensional Self with Catherine Tetreault-Ayotte
Catherine will guide us on a deep process - yay! I love the experiences because they have such a deep effect on us!
Catherine Tétreault-Ayotte is a Rainbow Tribe Priestess, Activator of the New Code of Feminine Power, Wisdom Keeper of the Ancient Doorways. 

She helps her tribe reconnect to their Root & Lineage, activate their sacred power to create the new paradigm. Her purpose is to unleash the feminine’s divine power to weave the new golden era.

Catherine says "Believe in the medicine, Trust the Process". 

Catherine is a pioneer of the New Feminine Leadership Paradigm. She left a successful management career to fully dedicate her life to walking her true soul path & be of service to the rising of conscience of humanity.

Catherine is the founder of Women Who Rise Up, a movement to inspire, guide, and support humans to create the New Paradigm.

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