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Show Notes

The web’s most dynamic (and handsome) father and son duo are at it again! In this episode, we reflect on the huge, earthshaking, history-making announcement for which we’ve all been waiting: Donald Trump will seek the presidency in 2024. 

Should he succeed in escaping the Republican Primary with the Party’s nomination, he’ll likely face down the dotard of Delaware, Scranton’s senescent son, Joseph R. Biden–the unintelligible incumbent against whom Trump battled, and to whom he lost, in 2020. 

We ask, is Trump’s nomination preordained? Is there no one (Ron DeSantis) by whom he might be challenged and, God willing, replaced? 

Join us as we talk about these and many other issues. 

0:00 Introduction and Banter
6:12 Why did Trump announce so soon? 
10:27 How will history judge Donald Trump? 
14:53 Dad’s predictions for 2024 contest
20:10 Reproductive Rights and the “Threat” to democracy
22:17 Some playful hypotheticals: Is DeSantis the new Reagan? Will Gavin Newsom be the president for 11 years? 
28:00 The gerontocracy 
31:00 A message to younger leaders: where are you? 
35:34 What should House Republicans do? 
51:50 Will Republicans tire of Trump? 
55:30 George Washington 

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What is Finneran's Wake?

Finneran’s Wake – where the ART OF CONVERSATION lives. Where no topic is untouchable, no idea inadmissible, and no one too heretical to be heard.

In this age of ineloquence, this dark decade of intolerance, we’ve all forgotten how to talk and, more importantly, how to listen. I hope, on this channel, to rehabilitate and refine these two neglected acts.

As the great French essayist Montaigne once said, “To my taste, the most fruitful and natural exercise of our minds is conversation. I find the practice of it the most delightful activity in our lives”.

I agree. And so, I welcome you to join me. Let us exercise our minds together. Let us practice this delightful activity as friends. Let us engage, now and forever, in the art of conversation.