SkOP - The Skills Observatory Podcast

Show Notes

Produced by Ashmita Randhawa (@Rand_Ash) and James Robson (@elpug). Edited by Laura Dong. Music composed and performed by Francis Pugh and the Whisky Singers.

Guests : Prof Sibel Erduran, Professor of Science Education and Director of Research, Department of Education,University of Oxford (@ErduranSibel) ¦ Prof Michael Reiss, Professor of Science Education at UCL Institute of Education, University College London ¦ Emilia Skirmuntt ,Evolutionary virologist and science communicator, Department of Zoology, University of Oxford (@ESkirmuntt)¦ Dr Liam Guilfoyle, Research Officer, Department of Education, University of Oxford (@LiamDGuilfoyle). 

We are back for our second season!  In this first episode, we will discuss the importance of Science education and skills in a post-COVID world: where we will discuss the importance of science education for navigating key decisions driven by a public health crisis. 

What is SkOP - The Skills Observatory Podcast?

SkOP is the podcast for the SKOPE Research Centre. This podcast seeks to create a platform for researchers across different institutions to voice their thoughts on key issues related to education and skills policy to allow for informed debate. Our first season ‘The L Shape’ is focused on how education and skills policy could/should respond to the COVID-19 crisis, and we are exploring this from multiple perspectives.

The Centre for Skills, Knowledge, and Organisational Performance (SKOPE) is based at the Department of Education, at Oxford University. Founded over 20 years ago through Centre funding from the ESRC and has now become self-sustaining. Our work focuses on policy and practice at the intersection of education, skills, and employment. The Centre comprises a global network of researchers whose expertise spans economics, education, sociology, and STEM to name a few. If you’re interested in learning more about us, visit our website: , where you’ll find these episodes, reading associated with them and our repository of research papers.