Alright meow, listen up, because we've got a whole lotta content to recap and a whole lotta people to thank. If you missed us in Brussels earlier this week, you missed a day full of networking, great talks, and a party that saw music selections by our very own resident DJ, Mr. Robin Wauters. 

Meow, to those of you who've already asked - we haven't set the date for next year, but if I know my bosses, they'll be kicking off some superwickedcrazy early bird ticket sales sometime soon. Stay tuned.

Up this week:

- Cate goes nuclear. With Heike Freund, Chief Operating Officer, Marvel Fusion and Mathieu de Lophem Partner, Nuketech.
- Manna Drones' Bobby Healy reveals the company's most delivered item, and we ponder how another type of product delivery might work.
- Meatable has developed the ability to create high-quality cultivated meat in only eight days.
- Google co-founder Sergey Brin orders up a $330,000 burger.
- Wall-e isn't what you think it is. Or is it?
- Spacetech and sustainability DO go together. Quite well in fact.
- Quantum computing: The magic number is 300.
- Flink has reportedly raised at least €150 million as takeover talks with Getir remain fruitless.
- Fake news about the Pentagon.
- NVIDIA is set to join the trillion-dollar club.
- Microsoft marches on with AI offerings. Are we looking at Clippy 6.0?
- OpenAI and governance. 'Nuff said.
- Adobe introduces generative AI in photoshop, Dan puts it to the test.
- Fiona sat down with Caroline Farberger, Nora Beavy, and Merike Gehrts at our Summit to discuss diversity.
- and Robin's anxious to watch videos!

All this, and a whole lot more on this week's Drive at Five!

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