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Show Notes

Upsolve makes a free tool that automates the process of filing for Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy. The organization is an atypical tech startup that's also an atypical non-profit. Co-founder and CTO Mark Hansen comes on the show to talk about how Upsolve alternately embraces and subverts the norms of the tech and non-profit worlds, and why the "right" corporate structure won't necessarily prevent an organization from causing harm.

Show Notes

Upsolve website | Twitter - 00:40

Mark Hansen on Twitter - 00:48

"HHS failed to heed many warnings that was in trouble" (Washington Post, February 2016) - 1:52

Rohan Pavuluri on Twitter - 2:28

Jonathan Petts on Twitter - 2:29

A 2014 study by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau found that many payday loans trap borrowers in revolving debt - 3:45

Upsolve's explanation of a bankruptcy discharge - 5:37

Upsolve's explanation of the "meeting of creditors" - 8:17

The Legal Services Corporation's Technology Initiative Grant Program - 10:17

Philadelphia Legal Assistance - 10:22

Certified B Corporation - 10:32

Sidewalk Labs - 12:00

"YC-backed Upsolve is automating bankruptcy for everyone" (TechCrunch, January 2019) - 13:28

Yvon Chouinard's 2019 interview in Fast Company - 20:28

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