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"Anyone who wants to come and help us, we are ready to get going. The maternal and neonatal mortality rates have not come down in spite of so many programs, so I wish that midwifery would be empowered by collaboration not competition." Midwife and Professor, Dr. Sudha A. Raddi,, M.Phil, Ph.D(N) shares her vision for the future of birth in India and Author, Dr. Ankita Madjadi advocates for the spiritual and phycological safety of women with her new book, "Knock, Knock, Lets Talk". Hosted by Augustine Colebrook, CPM, MA-MCHS.

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To purchase Dr Ankita Madjadi's book, "Knock, Knock, Let's Talk" click here

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What is Worldwide Midwifery Podcast?

Midwives from all around the world share work conditions, political landscape, community support, and health metrics where they work as well as some amazing birth stories and clinical updates!
If you're someone who cares about maternal child health and wants to see midwifery as the gold standard for normal birth around the globe, join us as we give voice to the revolution!