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In a change to our normal programming co-host Matthew joins Andreas of Sweden Rolls and Matt of Mud and Blood (but don't tell Liam) to talk all things Year Zero Engine

Show Notes

In this special episode we present an audio version of the Year Zero Roundtable, which was streamed on YouTube last Thursday. Three roleplaying podcasters discuss all things related to the roleplaying games which use the "Year Zero Engine".

00:00.42 - Introductions
00:03.50 -  Remembering Christopher Tolkien
00:05.00 - Caveats
00:10.50 - Our favourite Year Zero Engine games
00:30.32 - Our respective GM styles
00:36.13 - What we want from Free League in the future?
00:48.32 - Are Year Zero games particularly suited to Actual Play?
01:00.12 - Our plans for the future of our various 'casts
01:10.50 - The impact of Actual Play streams and podcasts
01.15.57 - Playing in languages other than your own
01:18.32 - What makes a "Swedish Style" RPG?
01:22;23 - The Open Gaming License
01:28.59  - What is the "essential" Year Zero rule?
01:33.15 - When is the next Roundtable
01:35.18 - We say goodbye

Effekt co-host Matthew joined:

Andreas of Sweden Rolls (https://twitter.com/swedenrolls) and Matt https://twitter.com/9littlebees https://9littlebees.com

The Year Zero Engine OGL

Effekt is brought to you by Fictionsuit and RPG Gods. Music is by Stars in a Black Sea, used with kind permission of Free League Publishing.

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