Exploring Astrophysics

Hi everyone, today I am joined by Dr Kathy Romer, an astrophysicist at the University of Sussex. Dr Romer has been an astrophysicist for a very long time, having worked at Carnegie Mellon, the University of Edinburgh, the University of Manchester and many others. She spoke about her interest in x-rays emitted from galaxy clusters.

Show Notes

Dr Romer shared some of her most exciting and coolest experiences as an astrophysicist, including a trip to the south pole! She also mentioned how in the past astronomers would have to travel to the obersevations sites in places like Chile to take the images, rather than having it all automated from your office. Dr Romer spoke about the recent James Webb space telescope images, and her reaction and thoughts to seeing the amazing pictures.

What is Exploring Astrophysics?

Join me as I learn about the world of Astrophysics. My name is Vikram Bhamre and I am 18 years old. On my podcast, Exploring Astrophysics, I chat with some of the most incredible astrophysicists around the world on the most interesting questions left unanswered in astrophysics. What's amazing is how helpful and forthcoming they all are and I hope you too are inspired when you listen to them.