Intersection Education - Toward Better Teaching and Learning

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Dr. Randy Hetherington talks about his approach to being a principal and his move towards educational research. He highlights the importance of relationships and giving your all for your students.

Show Notes

Randy Hetherington is currently assistant professor at the University of Portland in Oregon. He joined the UP faculty from Alberta, Canada and has served as an educational administrator for 17 years. He earned his EdD in 2014 from The University of Alberta in educational administration and leadership. His current teaching assignment includes educational research courses at the graduate level.

Randy’s areas of research include the Superintendency, organizational efficacy, and school improvement. He is the recipient of a Distinguished Leadership in Education award, co-facilitated the Educational Leadership Academy in Alberta for 7 years and served on teaching quality practice review boards in Alberta.

Outside of all of his personal accomplishments, Randy is one of the most caring and thoughtful educators I know. Our conversations are always great and I think this one is no exception.

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What is Intersection Education - Toward Better Teaching and Learning?

The Intersection Education Podcast speaks about teaching and learning to insiders and outsiders in the education field seeking to help improve schools. Hosted by Corey Haley.