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Our artist spotlight turns to Wolfe County native David Hatton. Then we talk about our first "BlueGrass HomeFront Porch" online live event then look back at another season in the books.

Show Notes

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Season 2 Episode 12 “Hatton The Porch”
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Today's Segments

Artist Spotlight: David Hatton
Produced by: “Tyni” Brian K Woodard
Edited by: Malachi Woodard

Today's Music

First Music Break

JT Word - Thirstiest Man in the World
Cody Lee Meece - Tongue Twister
John Haywood - Good Times People

Second Music Break

David Hatton - The Red Print 
Scott Whiddon - The One Thing You Can’t Live Without 
Karly Dawn & Hillfolk - Bowling Green

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