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Are you managing a large team to reach your vision but feel like team members are not aligning correctly with the overall goal? Do you need help getting all team members on the same page?
In this solo episode, BJ unpacks the role of what we at MCFA regard as the meaning of KPI: keeping people interested. It is not your typical MBA academic term but a philosophy to help you be a better business and project leader. 
Discover the role of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at a project and an individual level, how KPIs can help improve performance outcomes, and why a KPI needs to be associated with the bigger picture. 
Explore the fundamentals of a suitable KPI, the value of stacking success toward the bigger goal, examples of typical KPIs used in business, and more!
To uncover how KPIs can be a game-changer in your business and make you a more effective leader, tune in now!
Key Points From This Episode:
•   Why KPIs are important for achieving business success.
•   How measuring goals allows for informed decision-making
•   Steps to begin picking the right KPIs for your team.
“Most importantly [KPIs] allows [employees] to leave the day feeling like they won the day, and if they lost the day, how they can recover the next day.” — BJ Kraemer
“I look at KPIs as meeting daily [and] weekly goals that I know if I hit them I am doing my job well.” — BJ Kraemer
“Until you know what you are measuring, it is really hard to manage.” — BJ Kraemer
“You control how to keep people interested, and when you keep people interested and have a scoreboard, everybody knows how to win.” — BJ Kraemer
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