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Dean explains why he's not asking for a card upfront and we learn more about Simon's mysterious opportunity with Snapshooter

Show Notes

Why no card upfront and Simon's mysterious new opportunity

Dean and Simon discuss the pros and cons of Credit Card upfront, how Simon did it with Snapshooter and why Dean won't be asking for a card upfront with CloudPeriscope.

Simon gives us a history of Snapshooter sign up and pricing changes, what worked, what didn't and what moved the needle.

As CloudPeriscope is coming in to focus for Dean, Simon asks for the 30 second elevator pitch.  Dean delivers in just 20 seconds!

We give a quick catch up on our projects and Simon explains why his time is focused on Snapshooter rather than Automaily.  It's basically the mysterious opportunity that caused us to scrap last weeks episode.

SCA crops up again but this time in relations to upgrading Laravel, Laravel Cashier and Laravel Spark.

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