The Missions Pastor Podcast

Today’s conversation with Jody Ray. Jody is the Pastor of Missions at Chet’s Creek Church in Jacksonville, Florida. Helping children in extreme poverty is a central focus of Chet’s Creek. Jody share's how this came about and why it’s so important.

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First, small things can make a big impact, like making sure a child has the proper uniform for kindergarten so they start strong in school. That changes their life forever.
Second, tenacity is more important than having the right answers. Things will always need to be shifted and changed, but we’ll only do those things when we are fully committed to never giving up.

And finally, be smart enough to recognize that you don’t have all the right answers and you need to educate yourself. Jody mentions “When Helping Hurts” and the Chalmer’s Center. These resources and others are critical to making a positive impact with those in extreme poverty around the world.

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What is The Missions Pastor Podcast?

Welcome to The Missions Pastor Podcast, presented by OneChild. OneChild is a global community of Child Champions that serves children in poverty so they can discover hope and reach their God-given potential. We believe that the local church has the message of Hope that the world desperately needs to hear. And in every episode, we highlight churches, pastors, and ministries who are working to bring that HOPE to hard places.