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This is a special “Flip the Script” episode! Instead of answering a guest’s questions, host Josh Spector brings on an expert he admires and asks them three questions. Today's guest is Roberto Blake.

Roberto is a creative entrepreneur with more than 500,000 subscribers on YouTube and the best-selling author of Create Something Awesome, how Creators are profiting from their Passion in the Creator Economy. He has a background in design and advertising and transitioned from being a full-time freelancer to a content creator with a six-figure brand. His mission is to help a hundred thousand creators start monetizing their content and build a full-time income.

Three topics Josh and Roberto Blake tackle include:

(02:48) A YouTube Expert’s Single Best Headline, Thumbnail, And Description Tips
(31:11) A Step-By-Step Plan For Your First 30 Days As A YouTube Creator
(38:57) What Every Creator Needs To Know To Protect Their Mental Health

Show Notes

Show Notes
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Mentioned on this episode: 
Create Something Awesome: How Creators are Profiting from Their Passion in the Creator Economy



What Does It Take to Be a Full-Time YouTuber? (Realistic Numbers)

Thinking In Bets by Annie Duke
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