The Teamwork Advantage a Gregg Gregory Podcast

Andre Collins, former NFL outside linebacker, talks about leadership and motivating team members as well as differing leadership styles and how to adapt to the unique style of each team member and the team as a whole.

Show Notes

Andre Collins shares his experiences playing in the NFL, what he learned, and how that experience prepared him for the world of business. We discuss the similarities, and differences, between professional football and the private sector.  In professional football, inspirational leadership styles are powerful.  Andre shares how he took those inspirational moments and melded them with his natural leadership style. We discuss the importance of continual personal growth as well as being willing to work “in the trenches,” yet maintain the leadership position.In this powerful episode on Teamwork and Leadership, Andre reflects on how leadership vulnerabilities can impact a team and the value of empowerment. Allowing the team to make decisions, deliver presentations and not always being the person in the spotlight is a powerful way to help your team members develop into their own kind of leader and prepare them to move forward with their own careers. 

What is The Teamwork Advantage a Gregg Gregory Podcast?

Welcome to The Teamwork Advantage, a Gregg Gregory Podcast. Informal and insightful conversations with professionals and experts in the TLC arena - Teamwork, Leadership, Culture. A must-listen program, where we take you inside the mind's of these experts to discover actionable insights to be a stronger team member, a more effective leader, and enrich your team's culture.