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Today on the podcast I am joined by Dave Williams and Goncalo Hall to discuss some exciting developments for NomadX. If you are not familiar, NomadX started out as a software and service that competed with Airbnb in the midterm rental market and was acquired by Flatio in 2020. You can learn more about that in episode 90 of this podcast when we spoke with Dave and Flatio founder Radim Rezek. Recently NomadX made news again when Goncalo Hall, the founder of the Digital Nomad Village program in Madeira, Portugal took over the NomadX brand.

You will learn 3 important things from this interview:
1. Why Dave decided to bring on Goncalo as the new head of NomadX
2. The vision that Goncalo has for NomadX and how they plan on helping the nomad community
3. Goncalo, Dave, and I discuss the Nomad 3.0 movement and the next development the community can expect over the next decade.

Show Notes

💬  Topics Discussed:
  • How Dave and Goncalo decided to transition the NomadX brand into a new business model
  • The importance of a nomad community and understanding the needs of the community
  • How Lisbon and Madeira became nomad hotspots?
  • The role governments play in attracting digital nomads
  • Establishing and scaling digital nomad communities
  • Future potential digital nomad hotspots
  • The economic impact of the digital nomad community on a specific location
  • How a brand can gather people around a joint mission and vision
  • The diverse structure and expectations of the digital nomad community
  • The definition of Nomad 2.0 and Nomad 3.0
  • The future of the digital nomad movement
  • How the demographic of the digital nomad movement changed
  • New projects and markets of NomadX
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