Fire the Canon

In this episode, your intrepid hosts cover the first half of Kurt Vonnegut's highly autobiographical masterpiece, Slaughterhouse-Five. If you didn't catch his bio episode (#112), we highly recommend taking a listen! Accurately described by Rachel as both an upper and a downer at the same time, SH5 is a wild ride that spans multiple decades, countries, and planets, all with the hapless and more or less ego-less Billy Pilgrim at its center. There's also a secret subtitle which doesn't appear on the cover but definitely still counts. Rachel inserts a truly unexpected interlude mid-episode. Jacob is back and better than ever. Jackie is drunkety and a little in her feels. Bekah is pretty sure that not only does she not understand your stuff, but YOU don't understand HER stuff. 

Topics include: virtually every Adam Sandler movie for some reason, evil puppets, John Wayne and Frank Sinatra, black humorists vs. black-humorists, plunger aliens, tiny coats, wooden clogs, babies that are sharp and fast, some guy named Jerry, buzzballs and speedballs, Lice Chat 2.0, crushes on married men, lewd daguerreotypes, surprising facts about human reproduction, offensive British accents, Wild Bob, The Velveteen Rabbit, and Carlisle, England's claim to fame. 

CONTENT WARNINGS: violence; death; references to pornography, drugs; mental illness; many many horrors of war
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What is Fire the Canon?

Prefer your books in comedy form, but still want to sound smart at parties? We got you. Discover the hilarity hidden in the classics with new episodes every Thursday.