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On June 10th, the Faith at Work Summit at Saddleback Church is hosting Fortune 500, Christian executives from Target, Disney, Cisco Systems, Metronic and Capital Group. Each of these speakers are passionate about the integration of faith and work. They are seeing God move in their companies, specifically through Christian fellowships and Small groups in the workplace that they are leading.

Are you interested in workplace small groups or fellowship with business-minded Christians? Do you or any of your small group leaders lead a group at their workplace? Then join participants from across the US for this Faith at Work Summit, on Saturday, June 10th.

If you’re in Southern California you can join this event in-person. It’s also simulcasted via zoom and you can watch it live online. You can register for this event at 08:00:00-07:00&endDateTime=2023-06-10T10:30:00-07:00">

When faced with an enviable challenge, how can we best use community to drive us to unity instead defaulting back to our standard of individuality?

Join us on this rewind episode we are going back to an impactful book Tribe:On Homecoming and Belonging  by award winning wartime journalist Sebastian Junger. In this episode  modernity is affecting community and how groups are in a prime position to fight for what are heart actually desires.  

More About Tommy Carreras:

Tommy never had any intention of being in ministry. Jesus found him at 17 and after 6 years figuring out what in the world that meant, he packed everything moved to Ventura CA with his wife, Lauren to work at Mission Church where they served for eight years. Earlier this year they moved to Tennessee to be close to family and work alongside Michael and Cathy Dye implementing and updating The Genesis Process ( 

Tommy is also a contributor to the Small Group Network blog and podcast.

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