The Palisade Podcast

Greg Mikolai is the Mayor of Palisade. He joins Will on the podcast to discuss his career in television, why he hates doing live television, his documentary on the Colorado National Monument, why Will was hoping Greg would lose the election, whether he considers himself a politician, how he got into local politics by accident, marijuana and the Board of Trustees, Vietnamese Italian fusion, upcoming changes to the land use code, ideas for economic diversity in Palisade, the power of the mayor, what it's like to conduct town meetings, a day in the life of a mayor, update on the Subway, what makes him anxious, Highway 6 update, why irrigation for every house is important, backpacking on the Mesa, Rocky Mountain National Park raising its fees, the Northern Lights in Palisade, the rapid spread of television, and more! 

What is The Palisade Podcast?

A conversational podcast hailing from peach and wine country in Palisade, Colorado.