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What is neurotech? A far off sci-fi future? Or real technology making a difference today?

To find out, join us on Invent: Health, a podcast brought to you by technology and product development company TTP.

Show Notes

Neurotech: what is it? Elon Musk’s brain implants that herald a dystopian sci fi future? Or life saving technology which will be able to cure a multitude of injuries: back pain, epilepsy, even paralysis. In this episode of Invent: Health, we take a look at the hype vs the reality in the thrilling field of neurotech, speaking to experts from TTP and beyond to break it down and find out about its history, its current applications and the incredible places it’s going in the future.

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This Week's Guests
Dr. Hannah Claridge is a Neural Interfaces specialist who co leads the neurotechnology team here at TTP. After a Master’s degree in Physics and a Ph.D. in Clinical Neurosciences from the University of Oxford, Hannah now specialises in neurotechnology and biosensing, developing clinical technologies for some of the world’s largest Med Tech companies and ambitious startups.

Dr Benjamin Metcalfe is an Assistant Professor at the University of Bath and a co-founder of the Centre for Biosensors, Bioelectronics, and Biodevices – the largest research centre of its type in England. Since starting in this role in 2016 he has published over 40 peer reviewed research papers and co-authored two books on neural interfaces. He holds a number of internal and external posts including as a trustee and non-executive director of both the Institute for Physics and Engineering in Medicine and the charity Designability. His research interests are in the areas of neural interfaces, neural computing, and signal processing.

Dr. Chris Dawson co leads the neurotechnology team at TTP with Hannah, working with ambitious clients across this field to develop novel enabling technologies and applying these to medical device development to help bring innovative new products to market. His degree and PhD are in mechanical engineering, and started his career working to develop automation systems to improve development and productivity in life science research, before moving into motorsport and working in the aero department at McLaren to design, develop, and test the aerodynamic elements of their formula one race car. This fast-paced design-develop-deploy environment was great preparation for moving into technology development at TTP, using deep science and engineering expertise to support clients in commercialising their ideas.

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