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In 12 minutes, get up to speed on the must know latest updates from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & LinkedIn Updates from Week of Jan 11, 2021

Show Notes

1. Will Instagram Remove Like Views From The Public? Instagram is testing a feature that would make the number of likes on a post invisible to the viewers.

2. Facebook Will Be Removing the 'Our Story' Section from Pages. Facebook now is encouraging page owners to include their ‘Our Story’ content in the ‘Additional Information’ section instead.

3. Snapchat Adds New Feature to Show Number of Public Views for Spotlight Videos. Snapchat follows in the steps of TikTok once again with this new update.

4. YouTube Analytics Now Appear 24 hours After Posting a Video. Before it would take a week or two to see analytics on a video you had posted. Now, analytics start reporting after 24 hours!

5. Each YouTube Hashtag Now Gets an Entire Landing Page. An entire page dedicated to a hashtag opens up a curated content experience for the YouTube viewer.

6. Shopping via YouTube Becomes More of a Reality! We mentioned YouTube pursuing tagging products in videos and adding a shopping cart feature back in October. This dream is slowly forming into a reality as YouTube starts live testing.

7. LinkedIn Marketing Labs Helps Educate Advertisers on Ad Usage. LinkedIn just launched their ‘LinkedIn Marketing Labs’ that will share tips on how to use ad tools in LinkedIn. The course ranges from beginner to intermediate and covers topics like ad targeting and brand awareness.

What is #TWIMshow - This Week in Marketing?

This Week in Marketing is a weekly roundup of all the notable latest developments that you need to know to stay on top of your Digital Marketing game.