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Ever wondered how you can use podcasts to learn English?

This episode explains why listening to podcasts is the serious English learner's secret weapon, how it is 10x more effective than watching videos on YouTube or Netflix, and why you should start doing it today.

We'll explain some of the best techniques to maximise your learning, and give you an actionable plan on what steps you can take today to use podcasts to improve your English speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Full transcript, key vocabulary, and bonus episodes available on www.leonardoenglish.com

Show Notes

In today's podcast we go in depth into why you should use podcasts to learn English, and explain some of the best techniques to maximise your English learning with podcasts.

We'll explain how you can take a 10 minute English podcast and turn it into an intensive 2 hour lesson, where you work on your English listening, speaking, reading and writing. 

Then you can decide whether you're a serious English learner and want to test it, or you'd rather just put on Netflix and trick yourself into thinking that you're learning.

In today's episode we cover:

  • Why listening is underrated
  • Why learners find English podcasts hard
  • Understanding language without visual cues
  • Detailed explanation of how to use a 10 minute podcast to create a 2hr lesson
  • How this compares to a 2hr film in English
  • Final 2 tips on listening to podcasts in English

Key vocabulary: Dear to my heart, Underrated, Turbocharge, Toolkit, Attuned, Exposed, Superficial, Comes down to, Indulging, Switch off, Revert, Cues, Get by, First things first, Tend to, Spellcheck, Beneficial, Fundamental, Does wonders for, Akin to, Pastime, Inbuilt, Set aside a time, Brainlessly, Flicking, In your heart of hearts

Full transcript and key vocabulary available on the website: https://www.leonardoenglish.com/podcasts/how-to-use-podcasts-to-learn-english-like-a-boss

Want tips, resources, and tricks on how to learn English with podcasts? www.leonardoenglish.com/blog


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Learning English shouldn't be boring. It should open your mind.

English Learning for Curious Minds is a podcast aimed at intermediate level English speakers and above, where listeners learn fascinating things about the world while learning English.

There's no small-talk, no boring grammar exercises or vocabulary drills.

You'll learn English by listening, by hearing real conversations and real English, spoken by native speakers, and at a speed you can understand.

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What is English Learning for Curious Minds?

Are you looking for a more interesting way to to learn English?

English Learning for Curious Minds is where you can learn English from native speakers while learning fascinating things about the world.

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