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Other than managerial behaviors, leadership style is another way to look at your development as a manager. What leadership style do you have, and how does that compare to the transformational leadership style? 

Learn about types of leadership styles and the one explored in this paper published in 2023 by Kelloway et al., called R.I.G.H.T leadership.

What is Nurau Insights?

Welcome to Nurau Insights, a podcast series that provides valuable insights into the world of workplace mental health. Presented by Hosts Vivienne Tam and Peter Smith, who are excited to bring you the latest research in organizational psychology, workplace well-being, and mental health.

As professionals in the field of workplace mental health, we understand the importance of creating a healthy and supportive work environment for employees. That is why we have dedicated this podcast to exploring research in the field and to share new insights and knowledge with you.

Each week, we will discuss a new journal article that sheds light on ways to improve mental health in the workplace, both for individuals and teams. We will also explore practical strategies and tools that managers and employees can use to enhance mental health and well-being in their work lives.

Join us as we dive into the latest research and discover which Nurau insight you can implement in your workplace today!

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