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Phil, Mike and Matt are back at it! After a break because of holidays, timezones, a pandemic, elections and more caused us to pivot to taking care of ourselves, we got together at the early hour of 7am CST (UTC-6) so we could get back on this horse! We break down what happened with Parler, why people were able to grab their data so easily and some tips to help you avoid this situation.

Show Notes

Phil, Mike and Matt sit down to talk about Parler and why their APIs were so great for hacktivists who wanted to make sure that the data was never lost. We talk about degraded services and circuit breakers, two big things that probably could have kept the data from being exposed as well as stripping files of EXIF data from uploaded images. We also venture into the topic of what is the role of service providers and social media going forward.

Stoplight makes it possible for us to bring you this podcast while we nerd out about APIs. Check them out for their tooling around documentation with Studio, an app that makes API documentation an absolute joy to work with.

Show Notes:
Auto-incrementing IDs - Giving your data away
HTTP/REST API File Uploads
How Parler's Data Was Harvested

A transcript is currently being made and we will update the description as soon as we get them.

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