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In this episode of From The Players, you will hear about why Jaiden Fields picked her home state school, the University of Georgia in the eighth grade, how hitting can be all mental, her dreams in journalism and the WWE, and what life was like growing up alongside Chicago Bears QB and her brother, Justin Fields. 

About Jayda Coleman
  • Hometown: Kennesaw, Ga.
    • Redshirt Senior at the University of Georgia 
    • Outfielder/First Baseman with a ton of power in her bat as she recorded 50 hits in the 2022 season
    • Majoring in Journalism and Sports Media 
    • Won the PGF National Championship in 2018 with the Georgia Impact
  • Daughter of JoAnn and Ivant Fields, siblings: Justin Fields (QB of the Chicago Bears) and Jessica Fields (class of '25 Basketball star)
    • Brother played football at Georgia before transferring to Ohio State
    • Father played football at Eastern Kentucky
  • University of Georgia player plage
  • Social Media handles: Instagram | Twitter | TikTok
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Sydney Supple
NU softball #26 & Medill Journalist | Writer & Reporter: @cbssports @voiceinsport @uncutnu
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