Neat & Mixed from Hops & Spirits

We welcome in Tim Piersant (2:50 mark), co-founder/CEO of Chattanooga Whiskey, for the latest stop on our Road Trip Series. He talks about how he got into whiskey, why Chattanooga, working to get Tennessee distilling laws changed, creating their recipe, adding new products to their line-up, their distilling crew, places to visit in Chattanooga and more.

What's Pouring Kentucky (0:30 mark): Mason, Ohio-based 16 Lots Brewing has officially opened its long-awaited second location in Newport on the Levee while Taco John’s will expand its presence in Kentucky. The Midway Bourbon & Blues Festival is set for this weekend, June 10-11, and the Kentucky Craft Bash is coming up on June 24. Plus, The Belle of Louisville is launching a new “On the River” cruise series this summer with special themed cruises.

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What is Neat & Mixed from Hops & Spirits?

It's a different type of Q&A as we ask the questions and our guests talk about the alcohol. From drinks and food to art and fun, listen to the stories of some of your favorite brewers, distillers, chefs, artists, authors, brands and more in Kentucky (and surrounding areas). A new podcast is released every week.