The Underlay - A Clever Choice Podcast

In this episode of 'The Underlay" Michael and Matt talk to Julie Stratford from Skills Insight.
Skills Insight is a not-for-profit, government funded, industry-led organisation and one of ten Jobs and Skills Councils (JSCs). They work with stakeholders who share a passion for improving skills and training across the agribusiness, fibre and furnishings industries.

"The Underlay" is focused on strengthening the flooring industry through education and training, apprentices are the key to the future of the industry, and with help from people like Julie, the future is bright.

Skills Insight, as a Jobs and Skills Council, will carry out research on skill needs, challenges, and solutions with the aim of better understanding ways to develop skilled workers as and where they are needed in our sectors and will facilitate an informed voice of industry on these issues.

For more information on Skills Insight please click on the link below.

What is The Underlay - A Clever Choice Podcast?

There's more to flooring than just laying boards. We take you inside and under the flooring industry and give you a look at what makes Clever Choice Flooring the perfect solution for you.