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Show Notes

Welcome back to The Debrief Podcast with Matt Brown! We hope your holiday season was restful and filled with joy! Pastor Matt is starting a new sermon series titled Old Rules for a New Life, a series around the ten commandments and why we still need them today.

WARNING: This episode of The Debrief contains language that might be offensive to some viewers. We believe that personal stories of racism of any kind are important to tell un-censored because the pain they caused was unfiltered and real.

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Show Questions:
Question 1: "Anti-semitism has been a conversation in the news and social media a lot lately. Why do you think anti-semitism is still showing up even in 2023?

Question 2: "What makes Mt. Sanai the "mountain of God"? Was it considered the mountain of God BEFORE Moses was at the burning bush? Or is it referred to as the "mountain of God" after/because of the fact that Moses experienced God there?"

Question 3: "Pharaoh ordering the murder of newborn males and Moses escaping that order seems to parallel Jesus escaping Herod's order to kill every male-born Jew. is there significance to this? If so, what can we learn about Moses, Jesus, and God's deliverance in this?"

Question 4: "Hello, Pastor Matt. I have a cousin who is part of the LGBTQ community, and she is getting married next year. I've been struggling with whether I should attend or not because of my faith. I want her to know I love her, but I'm scared of losing her if I decide not to go to her wedding. What are your thoughts?"

Question 5: "How do I know when it's God that I hear calling? Sometimes, especially after praying for His path for me, His guidance, and clarity to see and follow His will, I believe I hear His answer. After I have done what I believe is His will, things are even worse than before. How do I trust the answers I believe I hear? Things have continued to decline almost to the point of no return through these "pathways" I perceived as His answers in the last five years, yet I still strive to listen, hear, and do His will. How do I know I am hearing God's call and/or will for me?"

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