In Search Of Sauce

It's time for the annual 5EPN Special, featuring many of the 5EPN hosts.

Show Notes

To end the year, hosts of the various 5EPN podcasts come together to reflect on the year that has been 2021, the podcasts themselves and finish with a fun team exercise.

To everyone that has listened to a 5EPN Podcast this year, on behalf of everyone in the 5EPN, we thank you for your listenership, your time and we hope we can join you as you begin your journey through 2022.

The music was "Nothing But Luv" by aso. Thanks to Chillhop Music for the ability to use.

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What is In Search Of Sauce?

In the age of Social Media, clickbait and TMZ-style “news” has devoured the Journalism industry. Music Journalism is dead. Or is it?

One thing is for sure. Music deserves better analysis. Quality journalists and creatives deserve more praise and bigger platforms. Fans deserve to be intrigued and inspired by the content they read. And we all deserve more substance and passion in our lives.

Join the CentralSauce Creative Collective as we discuss three pieces of great journalistic content and celebrate the writers who are saving Music Journalism, one article at a time...

F*ck clickbait. Welcome to "In Search Of Sauce."