Box Card Gamers

Tattoo nightmares, podcast fun facts and a dad joke.

Show Notes

Tattoo nightmares, podcast fun facts and a dad joke.

The Game
Pando by Pando.

The Cards
Ryan's first card - Name something that almost always gives me anxiety. Would I rather have a job where I stand or sit all day? Have I ever been on a cruise?
Heather's first card - Do I have a hidden tattoo? What is my favorite podcast? Have I ever been scuba diving?
Ryan's second card - Name my go-to fast food restaurant. Can I cross my eyes? Does spicy food give me heartburn?
Heather's second card - What internet browser to I use on my computer? Name my all-time favorite video game. Do I have soft water in my house?

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Reddit Question
What are your tattoo horror stories?

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What is Box Card Gamers?

Not every tabletop game has to be D&D or Catana, or even a board game at all. Join sibling duo Heather and Ryan as they explore the world of box card games. You might just find your next game right here.