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In this episode, I'm sharing my absolute love and affection for responsive design mode in modern web browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. It's made my life soooo much easier, that I want to make sure you know about it too.

Show Notes

In this episode, I share my absolute love and affection for responsive design mode in modern browsers, talk about what it is, how it works, some of its limitations, but most importantly, why you should use it, if you're not already.

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Questions from the episode
  • How many breakpoints are practical?
  • How many are necessary?
  • How much time do you realistically have to dedicate to implementing them?
  • How many does your project need?
  • How long will it take.
  • Which ones are important now, and which ones can wait till later?
  • Know why you're doing something and plan it out.
  • Make sure you communicate expectations to your clients or other stakeholders.
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