ADTENTION! The American Advertising Federation Tenth District Podcast

Marc Eisenberg is a perfect fit for the wonderful world of advertising. As a past Governor of District 10 and many years of experience with AAF and our industry Marc comes from the visual side of advertising. His involvement with The American Advertising Awards is an important connection. Marc talks about the great opportunity that is given to folks in our industry to strut their stuff.

Show Notes

If you've never met an assemblage artist, this is your chance to do so.  To really get the full message of what Marc's world looks like, you need to visit   Imagine gadgets being attached to other stuff and when it all comes together, the story is told.  This is definitely artwork, but it's more like a 3D statement.  You can tell that Marc has really enjoyed his time spent with AAF and he is especially amazed by the students who will become the next superstars of advertising and marketing.  It's a great story.  Hope you enjoy it.

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What is ADTENTION! The American Advertising Federation Tenth District Podcast?

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