Find Your Side Hustle

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Show Notes

2020 has been a mental year. Everyone has been impacted, some more than others. 

I'm publishing this episode on New Years' Eve 2020. It's the time of year people look back and see how the year has gone for them, what they have achieved and how it stacks up against what they set out to accomplish at the start of the year.

I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to review how not only how my side hustles have panned out. As well as looking at what I have learned and the sorts of things I have done to upskill.

I hope you enjoy this review style episode.

What is Find Your Side Hustle?

So… I’ve spent over a decade working on side hustles and projects, hoping to finally find one that takes off so I can leave the constraints of the “Rat Race”, 9-5 grind. This podcast gives you the “behind the scenes” look at the sorts of things I have built over the years. Hopefully showing you the pitfalls of starting and working on a side hustle, so you can learn from my mistakes and launch your own successful side hustle (I'm still trying).