Dentists, Puns, and Money

Morgan Hamon is a CPA and Partner with HDA Accounting Group in Denver, CO.

Show Notes

There aren’t many Navy fighter pilots who have pivoted into a second career as dental-specific accountant. So Morgan Hamon’s journey is unique, to say the least. 
Morgan is now a CPA and Partner with HDA Accounting Group near Denver, CO. He shares his expertise in working solely with private dental practice owners.
Listen to learn more about: 
  • How Morgan and his firm blend standard accounting numbers to create a profitability analysis that focuses on the most impactful metrics for practice owners.
  • The big problem a high-producing start-up dentist may face early on.
  • How Morgan helps owners think through the options for excess cash flow in a dental practice.
  • The most overlooked income tax reduction strategies for owner dentists.
Plus more. 
You can find more information about Morgan and HDA Accounting Group at You can reach Morgan directly at 
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