Abortion and the Church

When the record of our time is written, it will be a record of bloodshed on a scale previously unimaginable across the history of mankind. The heart of that bloodshed is the war carried out by the born against the unborn. The victims of this war are a class of persons constrained within the wombs of their mothers, and they live without sight, sound, or voice. The disability that unites them is their incapacity to lift a finger in their own defense.

Show Notes

Evangel Presbytery's complete Abortion and the Church may be read online, here; and downloaded as a PDF, here.

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The intro and outro of this recording are Psalm 13, "LORD, how long?" This is one Psalm from My Soul Among Lions' project setting out to record all the Psalms. Here is the full recording.

Listen here to Warhorn Media's full podcast series on abortion.

What is Abortion and the Church?

Audio recordings of the document, from start to finish